*Please note: Best Recycling Inc. is currently transitioning ownership. We are now operating under the new name Six Mile, LLC; our parent company is Gana-A’Yoo Service Corporation.

We are still accepting applications for employment at McMurdo, South Pole and Palmer stations.  You can be a part of the team that provides Recycling and Waste Disposal Services in support of the National Science Foundation U.S. Antarctic Program with the goal of keeping Antarctica pristine.

You can find current job postings here. 

Working in Antarctica

Each research station is its own small community with an interesting variety of jobs and activities. Numerous options are available for after hour recreation and entertainment including safe hiking and cross-country skiing routes, a craft room, organized sports, exercise equipment, library, movies, educational classes, live music, dance lessons and science lectures. Each station also operates a small general store that stocks snacks, personal articles and souvenirs.

These positions are physically demanding with six, 10-hour work days per week being the norm. Seasons can be 4, 6, 9 or 12 months in length depending on the season and the station. Our workload is roughly half indoors and half outdoors.  We do not have the luxury of only working outside on the “good” days.  Successful candidates must pass physical exams, hold a U.S.passport, and be a U.S.citizen or permanent resident.  Benefits include competitive salary, as well as a retention bonus for those that successfully complete the season. All travel, food and housing expenses are paid.  We provide your extreme cold weather survival clothing as well.

In addition to the environmental challenges of the Antarctic continent, the working conditions present their own challenges. Schedules are often hard to keep due to unpredictable weather and difficulties associated with transportation and communication. Housing for most participants is in dormitory-style rooms with roommates and communal bathroom facilities. Personnel supporting remote camps spend a significant amount of time in the field.

If this sounds like the kind of adventure that you are looking for, you work well with others, can entertain yourself and possess a strong work ethic, feel free to contact us about possible employment.  Remember the quote by Robert Falcon Scott, early Antarctic explorer, “Great God, this is an awe-ful place”.  Come see what he meant.

Few people experience the beautiful and unique environment of Antarctica. To see what it’s like to work on the coldest, windiest, harshest continent, visit the Antarctic Photo Library. Before you apply, please take a look and see this link: WHAT TO EXPECT. This gives you a very brief overview of community life in the Antarctic while working for Six Mile.

For more detailed information and background from the USAP (US Antarctic Program), visit the USAP Portal.

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